Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This Calls for Another Update

Good morrow kind surf folk. I dropped off some 'artisanal' handmade lesson cards at Pilgrim the other day and am getting an influx of messages. I have directed a bunch of you to the site already, so I feel an update is in order. I am leaving for CA for three weeks starting a week from today--July 23--and will return August 13. I am booked this coming Saturday. I have openings tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday mornings/late afternoons (pre or post work for you working folk). I will be in Montauk on Sunday and will have boards with me. So if you're keen to get on that let me know. Would prefer to do an early morning or late afternoon/evening lesson out there if I do do one. As of Monday I'm pretty much out. Leaving car out east till I return, which will mean that I'll have a few Montauk lessons available August 14-15 because I'll have to go out and fetch my car. I am available to start booking for the weekend of the 17-18 nowzers. The weekend of the 24th of August is up in the air. My birthday is the 23rd and I'll be up on Cape Cod, but I should be back by the 24th. Will update.Totally down to book early morning/late afternoon/evening sessions for remaining August weekdays.

This morning I got in the water at 5am, was done surfing by 6am, and back in Brooklyn by 7:30am! Lessons of course are longer than that (2 hrs), but I mention it just to give you a picture of how to fit surfing into your working day. I surfed with my buddy, Bryan, who works a 9-5 schedule. He manages to get in the water 3-4 days a week. Oh and the water was waaaaarrrrmmm. I felt like I was on a Hawaiian vacation. All this said, I can book as early as a 5am meeting time or as late as 6pm. It's warm enough for shorts and bathing suits and I have a few extra wetsuit tops if you want some sun/wax protection.

More price run-down: Private (1-on-1) lessons are $250 and include everything. Semi-private (1-on-2/3) are $200 a person and include equipment, except in the case of a third person, then it's an extra $35-$45 to rent a board from a shop. All lessons are to be paid in cash. My speciality is private lessons. I offer an old school approach with real surfboards and intend to equip you to really learn how to surf. I am the best in the business make no mistake about it.

And as for my name, well, everyone usually takes their own approach. My full name is Dionysos S. Mattison. You can call me Dion, Di, D, or hell, Dionysos (pronounced either Dee-oh-nee-sos or Dye-oh-nye-sus). Whatever is clever for you. If you want me to pick one for you, well Di (pronounced either Dye or Dee -- Romance language speakers prefer the latter and that's cool with me -- I am fluent in Spanish and introduce myself with Latinate pronunciation when speaking Spanish) is what I am most familiar with.

Ok that's it for now. Stay cool and drink lots of water!!!

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