Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hello people!

Geez I have not written in ages. It's that time of year again—surf lesson inquiries are beginning to pound my inbox. Ok so I am teaching lessons starting the week of May 20. I'll be between Long Beach/Rockaway and Montauk/Hamptons this summer. No more rides from the city because I'm going to be posted up at the beach. We'll meet at the LIRR train station in Long Beach, the A train at 67th Street Rockaway, or somewhere convenient out east.

Regarding group lessons: I do teach semi-private and group lessons, but they take a different shape than a private lessons. In a one-on-one we can work more in the waves, but as we add people to the group, it becomes even more about paddling and positioning and ocean knowledge than riding waves. As you may have read in my posts and from interviews with me, my lessons focus on an ethical approach to surfing and making it all about standing up disregards many crucial ethical and practical points. The focus of my lessons is a holistic approach to surfing.

Private lesson: $250. Includes board. All levels (beginner-intermediate). 2 hrs.

Semi-Private (2-3 people): $200 a person. Includes boards. All levels. 2 hrs.

Group (3-6 people): $150. Does not include all boards. Beginners only. 2hrs.

Additional hrs = $150 per.

I have two 9'6" longboards. For beginner private lessons I will be on one and you will be on the other. For intermediates or beginners with boards you are free to bring your board with you. For semi-privates we will need to rent 1-2 extra boards from a local shop. These are not included in the lesson fee and run around $20-$35. It is the same for larger groups—we'll have to rent extra boards. As far as suits are concerned, you need at least a 3/2 fullsuit through June. I have a bunch of Sm-Med wetsuits of varying thickness and provide them when they fit. For larger people, you'll have to rent a suit. Suits run an additional $10-$15. I am working on having a larger line up of suits and boards, but am not there quite yet, so this is where it's at.

I have a new phone number: 646 659 9370. It's text only. For lengthier inquiries please email me at We'll schedule over email. I prefer early mornings and afternoons because the crowds are easier to navigate and there are no beach fees. But if you're down to pay the $12 fee at Long Beach for a mid morning or midday lesson, I'm sure that the city could really use it right now anyhow.

I must remind you all also that if you are looking for a female surf instructor I am not she. As I have made clear in former blog posts, I am a transgender man. My full name is Dionysos Mattison and you can call me Di or D. I am totally down to serve the whole surfing community as a guide and mentor, I just need to make this clear.