Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Vacay; In MTK Till Wednesday; And Other Scheduling Items of Note

Had a great time in CA visiting family and friends. Scored a bit of south swell when I arrived and hooked into some secret and not so secret spots alone and with buddies. Now I'm back in NY and currently writing from Montauk. I surfed near Ditch Plains this morning. Perfect little one foot peelers—great for beginners. I'll be out here until Wednesday am. If anyone is out here and wants a lesson tonight, tomorrow, or Wednesday morning, give a shout. Thurs, the 22nd, through Saturday, the 24th, I will be in Cape Cod on a mini vacation for my 33rd birthday. Then I'm back and starting teaching at Parsons on the 26th. I'll still be able to give lessons in the mornings and weekends throughout the fall semester. Shoots! -D