Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making Moves

Hello everyone! Updating to say that I'm making moves towards organizing and incorporating Conatus Surf Club. This doesn't mean any real changes to the current lesson set up as of right now. The price is the same—$250 per person a lesson which includes equipment—and the protocol is the same—email me to schedule and we will set up a day and time. If it is convenient to carpool, then we'll do that, and if it's not we'll plan to meet at the beach. Tweaks that I plan to make: well, first of all there will be a new website down the road where scheduling, packages, payment, gift certificates, and a blog will all be available. There will also be permanent pages—about me, about Conatus, and one which comprehensively explains my method. I hope to offer much more including photographed/videoed lessons, lesson packages, yoga/surf retreats in Costa Rica, kids surf and yoga summer camps, and a smattering of rad merchandise (I do have a plan to throw in a free t-shirt with lessons this summer—as of right now, however, t-shirts have not begun production, so I don't have a clear timeline). I am really excited about this and believe in my heart that I have an excellent vision backed up with unexcelled product(s). I will continue to update on progress here and link to Twitter, FB, IG, etc.

I have a bunch of people who have emailed me this spring to set up lessons as soon as possible. I'm all healed from surgery, but now need to get some serious academic work done. The water is still also hovering around 38 degrees and at this juncture I cannot provide proper suits, gloves, and booties for all sizes. I will be in contact with everyone who has emailed about a lesson during the first week of April and probably won't be scheduling any lessons until the water is into the high 40s, which is hopefully around the last week of April, beginning of may. But I assure you that there will be a day when I do not have to hold off on lessons because of water temp!

Continue to check up on what I'm doing here and feel free to email me with all lesson requests. And if you're at all interested in donating to help out with my start up costs, do not hesitate to get in touch. There will be adequate compensation.