Friday, July 9, 2010

Heaving Pits and Car Trouble

Yes I do take a while in between posts and I'm not sure that the situation will be ameliorated any time soon. On the left you have a brilliant picture taken by my pal, Wayne Kelly, on an absolutely firing day out Babylon way in April. It isn't the last day I scored overhead surf, but it's pretty darn close. This was a day that made me super happy to be living on the right coast. But then again my car was still in action. So this is an update for those of you who might have been directed here inquiring into surf lessons. The little 02 that could is currently in the shop for head gasket repair and may stay there for some time till the proper part is sourced. Lessons are still happening, they just don't include a ride. The new situation is that we meet at Boarders Surf Shop on 92nd St. in Rockaway. This location is accessible via the A train (transfer at Broad Channel for the S). I am working on getting the 9'6" down there and hiring a locker space, but until I do, students must rent boards from the friendly dudes at Boarders. They have a complete stock and I'll be there to help you get the proper length. Of course this is non-issue if you already have a board. I will update this again when my car is back on the road.