Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid Summer Update

Holy heatwave batman. Hope everyone has managed to stave off heatstroke by drinking plenty of water. Yesterday I dropped off a stack of cards at Pilgrim Surf + Supply. I am looking to book a few extra lessons between now and July 23rd, after which I will be out of town for 3 weeks. I am going back home to CA for a cousin's wedding and to escape from the brutal midsummer concrete doldrums that is NY in the summertime. I return on August 13th and will be booking up for the rest of August soon. Many of you are looking for weekend lessons, which fill faster. I highly recommend taking a half day off of work and getting in an empty early morning session!

Weather/Waves update:
Well, it's hot. The water is wavering from about 65-73 degrees. I have seen people still surfing in full suits, but I am done with them until at least October. On the days when the water is a little cooler I'm wearing either a 2 mil long john wetsuit, a 2 mil long sleeve short leg wetsuit, or a 2 mil long sleeve jacket and shorts. On the warmer days I just wear a 2 mil vest with shorts. Most days it is certainly warm enough for just your bathing suit. I like the neoprene on my belly at all times because of my abnormally protruding ribcage. We've had consistent surf in the 1-3 foot range for a majority of the summer. Light SW (read: onshore) winds have prevailed, but haven't been too much of an issue in the early mornings (7-11am). Looks to be more of the same for the next few weeks.

Lots of people have been really seeing the light when it comes to buying/investing in a longboard and have been asking about where to get one used. All I can say is Craigslist and perhaps try Sundown Surf and Ski in Long Island. Also look at Ebay for boards that are selling in the Long Island or New Jersey area. Most people could certainly deal with having longboard in their quiver. As Maddog (my dad) always says, "If you're not catching waves, you're not surfing!" What he means is that if you cannot catch waves because your board is too small for your paddling ability then you're doing yourself a disservice. Get a bigger board!

The Brooklyn Surf Flea is happening this Saturday at Union Pool. I'll probably make an appearance so come meet me and share a beer and network. Would love to see you there.

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