Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Update

Baz McGee September Rockway slide. 

October. Wow. And mid-October at that. Haven't posted since August. That's been the norm I suppose.  We had a wave-starved late summer and early fall, but then got hit with a wonderful bit of windswell last week. I surfed five days in a row. It has been a long time since I did that. My dissertation is on it's way and teaching at Parsons is in full throttle. I have two continuing fall surf lesson clients and that's about all I can handle right now. I'm closing up shop in December to have surgery. I should be ready to teach surf lessons again in June, per usual. To keep up with me on a more regular basis you can always follow me on instagram @conatussurfclub. I always post "evidence pics" of surfs and other random viewings from academia, the world, and life in general. However, even though I love both dearly, there are very few pictures of my food and my girlfriend on there. But things are well in both of those realms. I've recently gotten engaged and am embarking on a fall cleanse. Both are boding well. Never felt more alive and happy.  Never thought I'd be the marrying type, but it all changes when you meet the right person. The cleanse is not very harsh—it's just an immune system reset—I'm taking a few weeks off of coffee and beer and sugar and focusing instead on hydration and vegetables—also adding a bit more stretching into my life. My five day surf binge has proven to me that a 33 year old body requires a lot of stretching. Most basically, the focus of this fall is on care for the self. It's totally trending right now. I highly recommend. And I think that Kelly Slater would endorse it, which, in surfing, is about the highest endorsement you can muster.

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