Friday, November 16, 2012

Figuring Things Out

Yours truly soul arching out east. Photo: Andrew Mattison.
Hey world! Coming to you loud and clear from my kitchen desk at 30 Charles St. Spent the last two days out east scoring a few tasty shacks with my brother and collaborator, Andrew Mattison. He was in town for 10 days. We got to spend some quality time discussing the plans for the Costa Rica retreats, bbqing, surfing, and getting him stocked on gear. I booked my flight(s) and am amping to go down there. Post Sandy things are really starting to come into focus. I've got the longboards at ding repair out in Montauk and will be moving all private lesson operations out there until things are back up and running in Long Beach and the Rockaways (this could take quite a long time). If you still want some private instruction through the cold months simply email me with your situation and we'll see if we can work something out. I've got a place to crash out there and will be looking into a rental cottage of my own by springtime. Now that that's sorted, I've also found some time to volunteer at Long Beach. Thanks to SMASH NYC, Wax Mag, Surfrider Foundation, and Patagonia Soho, a few buses are leaving Manhattan and Brooklyn tomorrow for an all day clean up and volunteer affair. I am super glad that I can finally lend quality energy to the relief effort. I think the seats are all booked for the Manhattan bus, but if you're still interested, again just contact me.

Water quality update: things were a little dirty out east, but the word is it's upwelling from the strong NNE winds. All of the debris was going from North to South and not vice versa. I've heard some terrible reports of stomach and ear infections from those that have surfed Long Beach. I highly recommend not surfing there for quite some time.

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