Monday, October 8, 2012

J. Hall Surf Board Design Wisdom

Here is my very amateur attempt at film making. The talk was over an hour long. I just pieced together a few of the highlights. There's a lot of wisdom in these thirteen minutes, so you might want to take note. Remember that Josh is a shaper from a certain lineage (his mentor is Skip Frye) and that he has his own view of how waves ought to be ridden and what kind of equipment is optimal. He says that your first board should be egg-shaped and three feet over your head and that you should always have something super big in your quiver. I would tend to concur. I think I am going to find an 8'0 egg to add to the lesson quiver to see how the lighter folks go on that. Even so, I still tend towards the thinking that it is better to err on the side of bigger on account of the fact that I've seen plenty of people just struggle to paddle and sit on top of the 9'5"s that I use. Anyhow, building a quiver and experimenting with boards and fins is both a luxury and a necessity if one is to progress at surfing. Enjoy the film.

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