Sunday, July 1, 2012

Because You Love To Read

Posting for the sake of posting. The intense heat of the New York summer has firmly taken root. Today is my first day of rest in about 6 or 7. I just spent the last 3 waking up before 6am (as early as 3:30am in one case). My sister-in-law and amazing photographer, Anya Chibis, has been in town for the past four days and we've done a total of three photo shoots. I have styled for and mugged in two previous photo shoots with Anya, so this was our third stab at it. The purpose is mostly artistic—to collaborate on something that both of us can use—but also professional—she to show that she keeps putting out fresh work in the lifestyle/fashion photography arena—and I for my blogs, surf lessons, and any potential work of various sorts in the fashion industry (styling, consulting, designing, and what the heck, even muggin' if the price is right). Some of the highlights and b-sides will be aired here and on my other blog: We did a little surf stretching sequence, so that I can share with all of those beginning seekers of surf stoke how to properly warm up and prepare for a life dedicated to wave sliding. In that vein, I am still around for lessons and can teach out east if desired or required. The re-branding of the surf school and possible T-shirt project is still on the board and being sketched out. If anyone wants to take a stab at helping me create a new blog/website in exchange for lessons please do not hesitate to send a message.

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