Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Surfing!!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Here's a pic of the board storage situation at Saturdays. It's epic. The board I teach with has the yellow fin. The other big board is my friend, Charles'. I have used that once for a very successful double lesson, but plan to add another log to the quiver by summer's end. Sooo, hopefully a few of you will just be visiting this blog for the first time, as I went down to Saturdays yesterday to make sure they had the url, as the email address on my old cards is severely out of date. Due to client feedback, I have done a small shake up to the surf lesson package. This is what has changed: First lesson is $200 per person. If you commit to four lessons, each following lesson is $120. I want to stress that these are the highest quality surf lessons you can get on the east coast. I will not be sending you out into the chaos of the crowded summer surf in a blind fashion. You will learn all about how to avoid and maneuver around crowds using maximum board safety and control. This will be a key component in your development as a stylish, graceful, and stoked surfer. Email me at to schedule your lesson(s) today! I can also arrange pickup if you live in Brooklyn. No problem. -Di

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