Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Daily as of Right Now

The daily routine: I wake up anywhere from 9am-12pm depending on what time I went to bed the night previous. These days the Other and I have been staying up till 3am watching various things via netflix livestreaming. Last night we watched the first three episodes of Californication. If you’re from a broken CA home and have at least one parent from the east coast this show seems to make perfect sense. I love how disgusted by the word ‘blog’ Hank is. This was the case for me for quite some time, but I, like Hank, have submitted for practical reasons. Brand yourself or die. Sink or swim. Etc. So after waking up the first thing is caffeine. I started drinking black tea at around age 5 with my anglophile mother (to her credit we have a lot of British heritage, so it’s not off base). These days it’s a cup of french press with half and half and two tsp of sugar. Morningtime crack. Then I sit down at my computer and go through the ritual of checking my yahoo email, my newschool email, facebook, surfline, and the ny times. If an aspworldtour event is running I’ll get on the live feed immediately. The women just finished up in Sydney and the men are currently holding an event in Brazil, which is on hold until 11am this morning. Hopefully they’ve worked out those internet issues. Nothing worse than a live stream that constantly cuts out. Making breakfast depends on how involved in the life of the blue screen I have become. I usually eat something before 2pm. Today is a breakfast day because dinner didn’t happen last night. Today is also a street cleaning day and I’ve already moved Felix (our 1975 bmw 2002) once. 11:30am is the next move and then done. So where am I? Oh yes daily routine. I have yet to fit updating this blog into it. When my internet travels are sufficient I pick up either an assigned text for this semester or another book I may be using as research for a paper. This part might seem boring on paper but usually the things I read jazz my inside world to a very high degree. Recently finished a bunch of Oscar Wilde (if you’re inclined towards elegant prose and pithy philosophy I recommend you pick him up forthwith). Picked him up on a hunch from Simon Critchley for whom I am writing a paper titled An Ethics of Stupidity. The research for that paper continues this morning. That’s pretty much it for the early parts of my days. When I go surf the only part that holds is the coffee and the internet. There are a few waves today, but seeing as it’s the business end of the first year of my MA program, I’m staying put. Later I’m off to Logic, my two hour philosophy break with my pal Louis, and then Simon’s lecture from 8-10. The routine is going to get a good shake come May. No more classes, warmer water, and money making to be had.

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