Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here is Nik holding my board after her second lesson. As you can tell she is as stoked as can be. We ran paddling drills in between the 64th and 65th St. jetties to build up paddling comfortability and board control. Nik caught a few nice waves, but as always there is still more work to be done! She's an ambitious sous chef so I have no doubts that she'll succeed at surfing and at all else she tries her knife to.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lesson Updates

Hello all. I expect a few of you will be directed here by the boys at Saturdays. Good on them for that. Much appreciated. As I have mentioned in a few previous posts, I have been getting lots of hits for lessons. Most people's first question is price. Lessons are $200 per person for the first lesson and $120 per person every thereafter. I do not do discounts for groups or raise/lower rates for weekdays vs. weekends. I teach up to 2 people at a time, no more than that. For those looking for a more bargain deal out of Manhattan hold tight - I am working on a surf camp that will span a weekend and will include lunch, stretching, surfing, and other awesome shenanigans. For now my rates stay as they are and I can guarantee you that you'll be getting the highest quality private surf lesson available in the NYC area. I have been surfing for 25 odd years and teaching lessons for 11. I competed at the professional level and simply have a massive desire to share the intricacies of the sport with others. But with this desire comes an enormous care about making sure people are introduced to proper style and etiquette, surfing ethics if you will, and this is what sets my lessons apart. Hear from you soon! -Di

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Your Ride to the Beach

Oh and this will be your ride to the beach. What more is there to ask? Riding in style 24/7.

An Image of Success

Here's an image of a recent surf lesson. This is Oli. He stood up on his first wave, but this is probably his 7th or 10th wave of the session. This is in New Jersey, where I don't normally teach because, as you can see here, the waves break really close to the shore. Oli managed to deal with the sand pretty well, running off when he reached the shore. A total success! In other surf lesson news, I've heard from a number of you inquiring about lessons. Just wanted to say that I'm still here whenever you're ready to go. You won't receive one on one surf lesson expertise of the sort I provide anywhere in the NY area, so I just want to remind you all that lessons are well worth the price and the time and the energy. You will get back ten fold and be progressing much faster than those who simply try their hands at surfing on their own or in group lessons where there is little to no attention to detail. Really, it's just like any other sport, if you are serious about getting good it pays to get an expert instructor or coach. This is especially true with surfing where the environment is much more dangerous and dynamic than in any other sport. Plus it's a lifestyle and you'll want all the tips about the risks and rewards of adding surfing into your life. Take the plunge!